About Nicaragua Volunteering

Nicaragua volunteering, is an international program that stirs up the volunteering service, providing varied chances to those world-wide people who want to share their knowledge and experience, contributing with the strengthening at Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer in Camoapa, Nicaragua.

The Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer, it is a non-profit NGO officially registered in the No. 8259 edict of Nicaragua National Assembly and published in the Official Journal, La Gaceta No. 102. for fifteen years it has been working hardly, having as a goal a financial stability that allows it to cover the development expenses in order to upgrade the service quality.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Hogar Luceros del Amanecer

What do we do?

Our main goal is to stablish a connection with world-wide people in order to better off capacities, enhance the program and provide possibilities of sharing professional interchange such as, Laboral and cultural with those people who have different social-cultural stand in comparison with ours. Besides, we offer the chance of knowing several touristic places of our city and all the country, as well, this shot is provided for every single volunteer. As a result, we will not only contribute with our project, but you will also enjoy the international trip.

This project is mainly aimed at social work, our main goal is to support integral education with Hogar Luceros del Amanecer´s children. We have been contributing to the society for a little more than fourteen years, supporting and giving a special attention to those children who are under social risk and living in extreme need in the Camoapa municipality.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Voluntario Clase

We Offer You:

International Trip

To know, to share and help in our world. This is a big shot for you. Travel, help y know much more about Nicaragua.

24/7/365 Attention

Ready to contact with you. Our staff will be at your disposal during the trip, the arrival and the program development.

Share Ideas

It’s the time to collaborate with our children. “We can change the world together”. Give them happiness…

Easy to be connected

Contact us at our emails or contact form. Easy to participate with acquirable prices.


Your memorial will be unforgettable, when back in your home country, you will carry the happiness.


You will help our children. You can be 100% sure, they and we will thank your great job.

Are you interested in our volunteering programs?

The tiniest goodness work is worthy if we do it with the best intention. Besides knowing Nicaragua´s natural beauty, do some touristic trips, go deeper in our culture and so on…


We have as a mission to promote a solidary interchange from an international view. With the volunteering program, we pretend to fortify the solidarity actions that contribute with our institution, every single volunteer input makes grow and upgrade in each program we develop to attend the childhood and their families and the society.



De donde fue la gasolinera ESSO, 100 metros al oeste. 52100 Camoapa, departamento de Boaco, NICARAGUA.
Tel. (+505) 86186648 / 88346683 / 25492812
E. Mail: info@voluntariadonicaragua.org