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Voluntariado Nicaragua - Fachada Hogar Luceros del Amanecer

Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer volunteering activity list

Select the area you like the most or fits with your profile, if you want so, you can be part of several activities as well. You will select them in the REGISTER form.

Integral Program

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Reforzamiento Escolar

Scholar Reinforcement

Reinforce children with some educational problems. In group work or individually.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Clases Ingles

English Classes

Education is our main goal, share with the children the most used language.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Clases Computacion

Computer Classes

With the technological increase, we teach the boys and girls the perfect tool. PC usage.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Psicologia


Evaluate different problems caused in the bottom of the family that affect the children.

Social Work

Analyze family struggles, search and provide solutions to situations shown.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Deportes Cultura

Sport & Culture

Give gladness and share your knowledge in the entertainment of every single child of our center.

Technology | Informatic | Investigation | International

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Redes Sociales

Web & Social Medias

If you are an informatic person, or you have some knowledge web activities, social medias, marketing. We are waiting for you.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Gestion Recursos

Resources Management

International cooperation, searching of new alliance with different organizations and NGOs all around the world.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Apadrinamiento


Sponsor a child, “I also can”, international sponsor program, sponsors searching and and much more.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Enfermeria UVAV


“Once at a time program”, attending our pregnant teenagers.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Psicologia uvav


“Once at a time program”, attention to our pregnant teenagers.

Voluntariado Nicaragua - Radio TV

Radio & TV

Share experience and learn some about Nicaraguan culture.

Are you interested in our volunteering programs?

The tiniest goodness work is worthy if we do it with the best intention. Besides knowing Nicaragua´s natural beauty, do some touristic trips, go deeper in our culture and so on…


We have as a mission to promote a solidary interchange from an international view. With the volunteering program, we pretend to fortify the solidarity actions that contribute with our institution, every single volunteer input makes grow and upgrade in each program we develop to attend the childhood and their families and the society.



De donde fue la gasolinera ESSO, 100 metros al oeste. 52100 Camoapa, departamento de Boaco, NICARAGUA.
Tel. (+505) 86186648 / 88346683 / 25492812
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