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Nicaragua Volunteering is a project of the Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer, it is a non-profit NGO officially registered in the No. 8259 edict of Nicaragua National Assembly and published in the Official Journal, La Gaceta No. 102. for fifteen years it has been working hardly, having as a goal a financial stability that allows it to cover the development expenses in order to upgrade the service quality.

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We have as a mission to promote a solidary interchange from an international view. With the volunteering program, we pretend to fortify the solidarity actions that contribute with our institution, every single volunteer input makes grow and upgrade in each program we develop to attend the childhood and their families and the society.



De donde fue la gasolinera ESSO, 100 metros al oeste. 52100 Camoapa, departamento de Boaco, NICARAGUA.
Tel. (+505) 86186648 / 88346683 / 25492812
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